SummerREAD with READsquared Dragon's Lair Quest

dragon fire


Escape rooms are a type of adventure game in which participants must use only what is in the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and complete the mission.   In our virtual escape room, you will go through caves to try to get your dragon egg through the lair to hatch in a nest of dragon’s fire!  Along the way, you will encounter puzzles, mazes, riddles, and unscramble secret messages to get to the next level.  There is a rebus puzzle using all the clues you compile at the end to successfully hatch your dragon egg.  Are you ready for a daring experience?  If so, log on to your SummerREAD  READsquared app, and find the mission called Quest, or click the picture below to begin!




      dragon shadow     red background with dragonsdragon shadow